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The Overhead Bin

Updated: May 31, 2020

- where random thoughts may have shifted in flight

The Overhead Bin: I like to think of it as a metaphor for those odd thoughts and ideas that we stuff in a corner of our brain.  They are an asset, a liability, a relief, and, at times, annoying.

I was never one to use overhead bin on an airplane until I started traveling a lot for work. There was this “come on, let’s go, hurry up attitude” with my associates in that job that encouraged me to get a carry on suitcase and use the overhead bin. 

Way back when... I went in search of a carry on suitcase. Most were black or brown. The creative side of me wanted something that stood out enough to be easier to find.  The only suitcase the store had that wasn’t black was brown with a green floral design on it. I still have it.

When I started using the overhead bin, I noticed all sorts of odd things up there:  coats, hats, shopping bags, and miscellaneous purchases.

Now, planes accelerate quickly and occasionally land with a bump. Sometimes the entire flight is a bit bump and those objects in the bins shift. At the end of the flight, the attendants admonish travelers:  “Please be careful when opening the overhead bins as items may have shifted in flight”.  Of course, warned or not, there is always that one person who opens the bin anyway and gets a face full of coat.

Frequently, my head feels like an overhead bin. As I travel, as I live and learn, those experiences -- you might call them bumps -- and thoughts have shifted. Here is where you will find those ideas, relevant to traveling the world formed into something I thought worth sharing, be they travel tips and tricks, cool people and places, or interesting trivia, I hope you enjoy reading them.

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